Video of Prince Harry pitching Meghan Markle’s voice-over skills to Disney CEO

Video of Prince Harry pitching Meghan Markle's voice-over skills to Disney CEO lailasnews
Prince Harry and Meghan Markle recently announced that they are stepping down from royalty, and here is a video of Harry pitching his wife’s VO skills to Disney CEO.
When Prince Harry and Meghan Markle attended The Lion King premiere in London, Harry appears to have used the opportunity to make a pitch to Walt Disney Company CEO Bob Iger.
Video from the July 2019 premiere caught the Duke of Sussex telling Iger his wife can do voiceovers.
“You know, she does voiceovers,” Harry could be heard saying to Iger, 68, as the prince pointed to his wife.
“Oh really, I did not know that,” Iger said.
“She’s really interested,” said Harry.
“We’d love to try,” Iger responded.
The video came to light after The Sunday Times reported that Markle signed a deal with Disney for voice work.

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