I don’t date poor men – Ella Mensah

Actress Ella Mensah has opened up on her choice of men as she mentioned that she doesn’t date poor men because she is quite choosy and classy.
While speaking in an interview with Sunday Sun, Ella who is a single mum of one asserted that though, her son’s father is still in the picture, she desires a man that would mend her broken heart.
“I don’t have to give my son any father figure, he already has a father and that’s it. He is not lacking anything. However, before I can accept to go out with any man, he has to look and smell good. Secondly, the man must be well-to-do.
“I don’t date poor men. My past relationship taught me not to trust men easily. It taught me that not all men are the same. I have also learned that some men are pure evil who just come into your life to ruin you. In addition, I learned that it is important that I love with my head before my heart! My dear, it’s better to cry in a Bentley than to be happy inside a public bus,” she said.

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