#BBNaija: Fans react to Tacha blasting Seyi over his life achievements

Earlier on the BBNaija Sunday eviction show, Tacha had told Ebuka that Seyi in his entire life has no achievements that can be compared to what she has achieved at her age, 23.
Tacha and Seyi had a fight during the week and she has said the biggest life achievements he has had in his life is the BBNaija show which cannot be compared to what she has achieved at her age.
See some reactions to her statement from fans below.
My mum is sitting beside me, telling Tasha to shut and not talk to a man like that..
Me be like..Mum save your breath, bitch is born rude.#BBNaijaEviction – @Chukki_kel
Oh now Tacha is rude and foolish???
Lmao 😂😂 When Seyi insulted her multiple times last night y’all was like it’s ‘reality check from him to her’ But now she threw shades at him and she is the rude one here??? Y’all are hypocrites! And Ori yin o pe! #BBNaijaEviction #BBNaija – @rasrap21
Tacha to Ebuka about seyi : just because you are a certain age doesn’t mean you have sense.. #BBNaijaEviction – @LavivaOf
Okpo said “what I have achieved at my age Seyi will never if not for big brother” MY QUESTION IS What have you achieved in life apart from slutting yourself on IG and drawing Davido on your chest that will soon wed Chioma? See ashawo dey form level.#BBNaijaEviction #BBNajia – @kevinRoss305
It’s totally disheartening when our generation support and celebrate Tacha , someone who is an epitome of stupidity, excessive pride, rudeness and dumbness. #BBNaijaEviction – @McSalami1

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