US rapper Joe Budden blasted for saying Burna Boy album is ridiculous

US rapper Joe Budden seems to have bitten more than he can chew after he posted on twitter that Burna Boy African Giant Album is ridiculous.
In a post the rapper made on the platform, he made the statement probably to ridicule the Nigerian singer and this didn’t go well with most of his followers, especially the Nigerians.
Joe had written:
If nobody told you by now, that Burna Boy album is ridiculous
Responding to his tweet, a certain Nigerian singer Oshomah had blasted the rapper saying Burna Boy is way better than he is and even more popular than him in his native country.
Ridiculous enough for you to mention right ? No offense but ur entire career is ridiculous G. This is bitterness of the highest level. @burnaboyhas gotten more recognition in ur home soil than u can ever wish for. Stop the HATE joe. And yeah, he richer too. Bet my dick on that
Joe however made an instant correction, saying he didn’t mean to ridicule Burna, but what he meant was that the song was amazing
The Nigerian singer was then taken off guard and felt ashamed for not understand Joe’s true intention. He however apologized for blasting the rapper
Most other twitter users didn’t agree with Joe’s explanation as they argued that no other word could have qualified ridiculous rather than derogatory ones.
Actually ridiculous mean absurd, laughable etc so you’re not so wrong to think he said the album is bad, African americans need to learn to speak proper english so things don’t get taken out of context like this.

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