I am now into money Rituals – Ycee says

Nigerian rapper Ycee, while responding to a follower who wanted to know what he is doing at the moment, has said he is now into money rituals.
The rapper, rated as one of the best in Nigeria, has been off the radar for a while now and the follower seems to be inquisitive on how he manages to maintain a luxurious lifestyle.
The man identified as @godswill_ekuri asked:
You don’t sing anymore, what are u doing that’s giving u money?
Then Ycee responded saying: Rituals
His fans hailed him for giving the best answer to the man whom they referred to as a busy body who would rather poke-nose into other people’s affairs and not mind his business.
One fan wrote:
Very good response. People don’t mind their business in this country. If you were busy with your life you will not remember that@iam_YCee  is not singing again
While also taking to the comment section, the man who asked him the question said he fancies Ycee as a rapper. Just that he doesn’t listen to Nigerian music and that’s the reason he is not in tune with the rapper’s progress.
He wrote:
Not a grand fan though, but I love of d song of his I’ve heard. I listen more to foreign music.

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