‘Arthur’ Character Mr. Ratburn Comes Out and Marries Patrick and Fans are Glad

Fans all over the world are celebrating Arthur character, Mr. Ratburn, coming out.
On Monday, PBS’s Arthur debuted its 22nd season with the episode “Mr. Ratburn and the Special Someone.” The episode featured the character Mr. Ratburn getting married to Patrick.
And fans on social media are surprised that the educational cartoon for kids is still airing, and more are happy for  Mr. Ratburn.
Per Complex: in this new episode of Arthur, classmates thought Mr. Ratburn was marrying a woman named Patty, but when they decided to intervene (on account of not liking Patty and, somewhat coincidentally, not minding their own business) they found out that Patty was actually Mr. Ratburn’s sister and that their teacher was marrying chocolatier Patrick.
See the clip from the episode:
Mr. Ratburn from the beloved children’s show “Arthur” comes out as gay in the season 22 premiere of the show. 🌈
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See some of the reactions below:
I found out that Mr. Ratburn's getting married to a bloke on Arthur and I say hey (hey) what a wonderful kind of gay.
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