Rapper Arrested For Allegedly Threatening To ‘Shoot Up’ University Of Florida

Complex is reporting that an upcoming rapper, 26-year-old Florida-based rapper named Christopher McCallum has reportedly been arrested after sharing a music video on Facebook which contains harmful lyrics.
The offending lyric, which authorities interpreted as his plan to shoot up the hoot up a football game at the University of Florida, says: “Catch you at a Gator game and shoot the whole campus up.”
The media house added that the video was originally posted on March 22, and police investigating the matter claim that McCallum also mentioned the possibility of violence at a downtown Gainesville club called “Eight Seconds.” The video was uploaded a day before that club hosted a concert by a local rapper named Keyanta Bullard, also known as “Yungeen Ace.” Deputies state that McCallum mentions an ongoing feud and states that the aforementioned concert could be a potential/hypothetical site for retaliation. But no such violence occurred.
Still, Florida statutes state that threatening to kill or injure someone is felony territory, and so is “writing, composing, sending or procuring something that indicates the person will conduct a mass shooting or act of terrorism.”
Meanwhile, rap critics have pointed out that rappers assume authentic/inauthentic personas, and so it will be difficult for the law to prove that McCallum really means harm.
As at press time, he was in jail with bond set at $50,000

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