Lepacious Bose Speaks About Online Dating: ‘I Applaud Those Who Take The Risk.’

Lepacious Bose is wary of online dating, and rightly so.
The actress spoke about her concerns about meeting strangers on the platform and kicking off relationships with them, and this is because of the disturbing reports of online dating gone bad.
“I applaud those who take the risk and end up with great spouses but the stories I have heard about online hookups are so scary,” she said, adding, “Generally, we live in a crazy world now, you can actually live with a serial killer for years and not know, na make God Dey protect person.”
She went on to reminisce about the good old days, saying, “I remember those days ladies would believe the guys they meet in church would be the good ones, hiaaan these days the ones you meet in shrine are better and even safer. At least with them you know what you signed up for.”
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